Old Town Predator MX Fishing Kayak

Best Fishing Kayak Under 1000

Old Town Predator MX Fishing Kayak – Get it on Amazon

This rock-steady Old Town Predator MX fishing kayak is designed and constructed to meet your needs as avid angler fishers and weekend outdoor warriors alike with maximum load capacity of 375 – 400 lbs. Riding on it feels like standing on the deck of a bass boat. The Predator MX fishing kayak is a foot shorter at 12 ft. and four pounds lighter and features a wider open deck at 34 inches than the Predator 13, making it very ideal for moving water and fly fishing. It is made of from LT900 polyethylene, which delivers incredible durability and strength. Getting organized is a dream in the Predator MX Kayak with six removable, tactically-positioned high-strength supports mounts. The Predator MX offers plenty of fishing-specific customized features. You can customize it all to your likings, such as where to put your rod holders, GPS, fish finders, slide tracks, and POV camera.

Tie yourself into the stand-up, well-placed fishing straps to help you with balance when you catch a monster or when you’re moving all over the place (either fishing or snagging a brewski from the cooler), you’ll stay steady in upright position thanks to a slip-resistant Exo-Ridge deck. Furthermore, should some water find its way into the kayak, eight well-placed scupper holes drain it away with each scupper holes consist of the Predator’s patented one-way Scupper Valves. Moreover, the Old Town Predator MX Kayak likewise comes fully-loaded with retainer bungees, dual-tip holders at the bow for easy storage, and side-mounted retainers for convenient grab-and-cast.

Put your all day catches in the large-capacity Exo-Ridge tank well, designed to keep all your gears, from the cooler, trolling motor battery, or fishing tackle boxes dry and organized. Lastly, the Predator MX features the side-mounted paddle storage, a molded paddle rest, a large bow hatch with a click seal cover, and dual tackle holders.


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